Goodbye Tired Eyes

If you’ve been following me and watch my stories you probably have seen that I complain about the dark circles under my eyes. So many of you said you struggle with the same problem and no matter how much concealer you use, it just doesn’t help. Well, I’ve been research and looking into filler for over a year or more now but never have done it. Until I spoke with Nataliya, the owner of Skin and Beyond Wellness Center.

Nataliya is so knowledgeable, which made me feel comfortable from the moment I met her. The first time I went to her I did a consultation where we discussed my skin concerns and then I did a hydro facial which I also recommend.  Especially in this dry Utah weather. Her spa is quaint and beautiful.  The water feature is soothing and welcoming.

We weighed out my options and decided that a PRP injection would be a great route to take.

And Oh. My. Goodness!! I’m so happy with the results.

What is PRP?

PRP Plasma Treatment.

1. 100% natural, made out of your own blood ( I LOVED THIS!!)

2. Can be used for skin rejuvenation, collagen boosting, hair restoration, stretch mark, and scar treatments.

3. Virtually no downtime.

4.No complications, allergies, or side effects.

5. Instant gratification and long-lasting effects.

They drew my blood, spun it, got my own plasma, and injected it into my tear trough area and around my nasal lines. Injections by my eyes did not hurt at all. The one by my cheeks pinched a bit (like getting a shot) but that’s it! I’ll probably go in for a check-up and maybe a touch-up in a couple of weeks. The thing about PRP is that your body will naturally absorb some of it but then it will stimulate your body into creating more collagen in those areas. Effects last longer. Months and even up to a year or longer and it gets better and better over time.

Now for my before and afters.

You can totally see how dark and hollow my under eyes were. No matter what I did they wouldn’t get any better, if anything they have gotten worse over time. All the concealer, creams, vitamins, and sleep did nothing.  These Plasma PRP Injections filled in those areas where I have lost volume over the years (oh man, getting older does strange things to your body). These pictures were taken before and immediately after. You can also see where the nasal lines have been filled.

Here is even a more close up.  AHHH…the things I’m sharing, but I want you to know how great it worked.  PLUS, it’s your OWN PLASMA that’s filling those areas and helping your body to build collagen again.

So should you do it?

ABSOLUTELY!! The appointment isn’t very long, they work quickly because your bloodwork can start clotting if not used right away.  The pain was minimal to none for me and I don’t think they even used any topical treatment.  You can totally ask them what your options are though.  But yes, if you have loss of volume in those areas and need a boost.  Call Nataliya and book an appointment!


You can do injections or a facial (which I can’t wait to try).

I’m so happy with my results and I’ve been working with Nataliya and she is willing to give YOU a $200 discount!! WOWZA!!!

Just book an appointment and use code KVEA.

PRP injections are normally $699 and now $499 for you! (Worth EVERY PENNY)

PRP facial normally $650 and now $450 for you!

So call or DM them for an appointment NOW. I’m so happy I had it done. No more hollow eyes and it is all-natural!! Love it!!!

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