Shrimp Burrito Bowls

Shrimp Burrito Bowls are a delicious last minute meal that is delicious, quick, easy and full of flavor.  Filled with delicious Gorton’s Butterfly Shrimp, black beans, rice, corn, avocado, tomatoes and topped with cilantro lime dressing.  Also take these fillings and make into a wrap or taco!

The easiest burrito bowls using pantry and fridge items you may already have. Oh, and if you don’t have Gorton’s shrimp in your freezer yet, go and get some. This is the shrimp that I used but they also have popcorn shrimp and beer battered shrimp that would be just as good to use.

After cooking your shrimp layer in a bowl some brown rice, beans, tomatoes, corn, avocado, lime and cilantro lime dressing.

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Shrimp Burrito Bowls
  1. Cook brown rice and shrimp according to directions. Heat corn and beans on stovetop or microwave. Dice veggies.
  2. Once rice and shrimp is cooked, layer in bowl and top with dressing when ready to serve. Enjoy!
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