Nori Tuna Wraps

Simple lunch in minutes with this take on a Japanese hand roll using Starkist EVOO tuna pouch.  Filled with fresh ingredients and packed full of flavor and nutrients.

These tuna wraps are so easy to make and are a delicious lunch option. You can find the seaweed sheets in the Asian section at the grocery store.  Prep all of your ingredients and then layer them into the sheet and roll.  You’ll want to eat these right away otherwise they get soggy.

I use these Starkist E.V.O.O tuna pouches.  You can use the tuna or the salmon, both are fantastic!

Another thing that is great about these wraps is that not only are they packed with flavor but also with healthy fats and protein.  You can easily make these paleo friendly if you use paleo mayo.

Dip in some coconut sweet chili or sriracha and you have yourself a delicious meal.

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Nori Tuna Wraps
  1. In a bowl mix tuna with mayonnaise, salt and pepper to taste.
  2. Place nori wrap in front of you, and in a straight line start layering lettuce, cucumbers, avocado, alfalfa sprouts, radishes, and tuna mixture.
  3. Roll the seaweed sheet, away from you, around the tuna mixture. Repeat with second nori wrap.
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