Jack-O-Lantern Stuffed Peppers

A Mexican/Halloween twist on stuffed peppers.

I couldn’t pass up the orange peppers, they looked so much like little pumpkins and were just asking to be stuffed and turned into jack-o-lanterns.  They are so yummy and a fun Halloween dinner.

They are filled with taco meat, rice-a-roni, black beans, corn, chilis, tomatoes and seasonings.  Top with cheese and you have a nice filling dinner.

I prep my peppers earlier.  Clean out the seeds, carve faces if desired and then pop in the microwave for a few minutes.  Be sure to cover them with a damp paper towel when microwaving.

Once they are steamed the first time you can fill them and bake in oven.

They are so cute and delicious.

Be sure to save the recipe for later.

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Jack-O-Lantern Stuffed Peppers
  1. Clean and cut out peppers, place them on a plate with a damp papertowl on top of them and microwave for 6 minutes, remove and set aside. Make Rice A Roni according to package instructions and set aside. In a large skillet brown ground beef until cooked thoroughly and add in taco seasoning according to instructions. Once cooked add in corn, green chilis, black beans and seasoning. Stir in prepared rice a roni and add cheese. Fill bell peppers and bake in 350 F oven for 10-15 minutes or until peppers are at desired tenderness. Use extra filling in tortillas or with tortilla chips.
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