St. Patrick’s Day Chocolate Bark

Festive chocolate bark made with chocolate, sprinkles, M&M’s and Extreme Airheads.  

Just sent our oldest off to her junior prom and she looked beautiful.  The dress ended up being a success and I’m sure she will have an amazing time with her date.  The other girls and I are home and they are making leprechaun traps for tomorrow while munching on some of this fun St. Patrick’s Day Chocolate Bark. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled having me share these photos of her that we snapped before she left but I must say that she really is so pretty.

Here’s what I did for the bark.

  • Melted chocolate in microwave and spread onto a sheet pan.  Add Airhead Extremes, Mint M&M’s and some rainbow and gold sprinkles.
  •  Chill/freeze until set and break into pieces. That’s it!

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