Halloween Lunch Idea

Halloween lunch idea made easy.

I don’t know about you but when I was in school I didn’t like to eat the school lunch so my mom would pack me lunch in elementary. When I got to junior high and high school I think I just ate out of the vending machines or the snack bar.  I am pretty sure my parents thought I was eating school lunch back then because they would leave me money to buy lunch tickets at the beginning of each week but I would stretch it out and buy junk instead.

Well, I have a seventh grader who also doesn’t care for school lunch too much.  So she packs a lunch everyday.  I think lunches are much more fun when the plating is great and there are some super cool lunch boxes out there and I found this awesome one from Planet Box

I love all of the little compartments and they quality is just outstanding.

For the Halloween lunch we have a mummy hot dog. For the hot dog I just used croissant dough and sliced it into strips and wrapped the hotdog and baked according to instructions.  Also added some cheese balls, dipped pretzles from Harry and David  and apples slices and caramel.  Throw in some gummy worms for a spooky effect and a handwritten note.  Lunch on Halloween week is a succcess!

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