Stars and Stripes Fruit Kabobs

Red and blue Stars and Stripes Fruit Kabobs are a fun, refreshing, healthy treat.

The Summer days are going by quicker than I would like. We have been trying to fill our days with some fun activities while we are all home together. I’ve been lucky to have my three youngest home with me all day everyday for the past three years because we homeschool. My oldest two went back to public school because it is high school and they just love it.  They are doing amazing because they are great students but I admit that I miss them when they are gone for those couple of hours.  It has been nice to have them home.

The other day they were helping me set up a Fourth of July setup (I know, we haven’t even hit that holiday yet, but tis the life of a blogger). As we were making these fruit kabobs my heart swelled as I saw my five daughters working hard together, laughing, sneaking bites, playing, taking photos, setting up tables and just making memories together.  It wasn’t anything big, it wasn’t an activity away from home that cost me money it was just them together as sisters enjoying one anothers company.

That my friends is what life is about. Being together. Loving each other.

It doesn’t hurt when it involves some good food too.

So make yourself some kabobs with your family and enjoy the time together when you do.

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Stars and Stripes Fruit Kabobs
  1. Cut slices of watermelon and using a star shaped cookie cutter cut out watermelon stars. Put blueberries onto wooden skewer and top with watermelon star. Keep refrigerated until ready to serve.
Recipe Notes

I like to prep all of these and put on a baking sheet or dish and cover with foil or plastic wrap to store in fridge until ready to eat.

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