Firework Ice Cream Sandwiches

Simple ice cream treat for the Fourth of July using your favorite ice cream sandwiches.

The Fourth of July is right around the corner and I feel like we have been thinking of it for weeks.  Everywhere I go there are patriotic colors and fireworks. Every time we go into a store my girls #3 and #4 ask for Fourth of July shirts. We still haven’t found one that they like so they’ll probably just end up wearing some sort of red, white and blue.

The month of July is super busy for us, we have a lot of family birthdays, reunions and just trying to pack in as much family time as possible. One thing that we love to do when we get together on the Fourth of July is of course eat. I think it’s always more fun when the food has a theme and these FIREWORK ICE CREAM SANDWICHES are the perfect addition to any party.

My girls named them Firework Ice Cream Sandwiches becaue the sprinkles on the side look like fireworks exploding.  I thought it was cute so we will just call them that from now on. So get some peeps together and make ya some of these yummy treats. Just get some premade ice cream sandwiches, red white and blue sprinkles and dip them.  That’s it.  Nothing fancy, but it is fun.

Watch how we made them here. Sorry the video is wonky and not full screen, I originally filmed it for IG TV. So many different things to keep up on…



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Fireworks Ice Cream Sandwiches
  1. Pour sprinkles onto a small plate. Open ice cream sandwiches and dip ice cream ends into sprinkles. Enjoy.
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