Learning Dynamics Reading Program

The Learning Dynamics Reading program has been a great tool for my three year old and a wonderful addition to our homeschool.  I wish I would have had this with all of my daughters. It makes reading so easy and so much fun.

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As many of you know, I homeschool my daughters.  My two oldest are now in junior high and high school and attend the public school, but I still have my 5th and 6th grader home as well as my three year old.  As far as teaching my girls to read I have always been pretty relax about it and they learn by us reading together, sight words and through play.  All four of my oldest girls went to public school for Kindergarten and First grade so they learned sounds and reading at school and we would reinforce it at home.  I have a couple of really strong readers and my 5th grader now was really struggling with reading when I pulled her out of school after first grade. Since then she has worked really hard on reading and has excelled tremendously.

I really believe in teaching developmentally when they are ready for each subject and my three year old has been showing interest in books.  We make many trips to the library and she is always so excited about books.  We have been using little reading apps and games for her to play with when big sisters are doing their school, so when I heard about Learning Dynamics Reading program I was so excited and really knew it would be a perfect fit not only for her but also for my 5th grader to help with and listen to so she could brush up on her fluency and comprehension as well.

We have been using Learning Dynamics reading program here at home for a couple of months now.  Since Maliana is only three our lessons are lasting around 8-10 minutes long and we do them every other day.  Here are a few things I LOVE about Learning Dynamics.

  1. FUN- Reading is so much easier to do when you are having fun.  This program is PERFECT because you have music, activites, coloring pages and more.
  2. MUSIC– There is a CD included in each program that teaches an alphabet song with sounds, as well as other songs that get your child moving, excited and SINGING.  All of my girls actually love the music portion and I hear many “sound songs” being sung every day.
  3. LESSON MANUAL– As a busy parent it is CRUCIAL to have instruction on how to do things sometimes.  Especially when it comes to helping my children learn.  I LOVE that there is a lesson manual that is easy to understand and follow so I know what I need to do to help my child read.
  4. TIME TOGETHER– Studies have shown that when parents read together with their children they are more likely to succeed. Learning Dynamics makes reading together with your child fun, exciting and those times together cuddling with a book are priceless.  Maliana looks forward to her reading lessons every other day and reading together at night is one of her favorite activities (mine too).


Maliana is on book three right now and is able to read and sound out words.  I’ve been so impressed with this program and how easy it has been for her.  Definitley no tears involved, just lots of excitement.

This is what comes in your at home kit.  Flash cards, workbooks, CD,and over 50 books to add to your library!

You can purchase it from Learning Dynamics and to make this even better I have teamed up with them and they are giving you 10% off of your order if you use the code VEA at checkout. That makes this program less than $150 and you get over 50 COLOR books and so much more.  This is such a great deal to hop on. Be sure to head over to their website here to order and learn more. Discount code VEA at checkout for an extra 15% off your program.

And one more thing, check out this fun video.  You too can teach your child to read.  If I can, you totally can.

Let me know if you have any questions, I would be happy to help out wherever I can.

Totally perfect to get to keep up on reading during the summer! I can’t wait to see how Maliana continues to do because so far it has been so great.


  1. Tania

    Hello, is there an update on how Maliana is doing? I have a 4 year old and thinking of getting this program. I just haven’t found any reviews of parents who finish the program. Thank you

    • Kuuipo

      Hi. She is doing really great. We did take a break over the Summer and will start over with a quick review, but she is on book 5 which has some sight words as well as words she is sounding out. She is only 3 years old so we are taking it slowly and work on her lessons for about 8-10 minutes a day. She’s doing great and I can’t wait to start up again (we just started up homeschool again, yesterday).

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