Date Night-True Rest Float Spa

Fun date night at True Rest Float Spa in Provo, Utah.

Myron and I have been married for over 18 years and one thing we try to do weekly is go on a date.  Sometimes there are more planned out and a lot of times they are just spontaneous.  Over the years we have done extravagant date nights and others are more like a quick trip to the grocery store and maybe some ice cream on the way home.  We feel it is so important to date each other so we can catch up without the girls and to just enjoy each others company and laugh.

On Saturday we planned a date night at True Rest Float Spa.

What exactly is a Float Spa?  Watch this video to find out…

So how cool is that?

We were planning on going for his 40th birthday back in November but things got busy and we didn’t have time to make it there that month.  Then December came around and we had an appointment scheduled and I had to reschedule it because I dyed my hair and they recommend you don’t come for a few days after doing that. Next thing we knew it was Christmas and New Year’s so we finally made it out.

When we first arrived at the spa we were greeted by friendly staff and the owner Kristopher.  They were all really nice and instructed us on put on some spa shoes (a.k.a flip flops). Kris took Myron and I on a quick tour of the place and ended up in another room where we watched a instruction video on how to float.

You can visit here to see more about what a float is and the benefits of it.

After the video Kristopher took us to our own private rooms where we instructed on how to prep for the float.  Myron was in room one and I was in two.  There were two other people in our group and they went to the other rooms.  There are six float rooms with showers in them and one community bathroom with lotions, blow dryers, curling irons and stuff like that.




First you need to shower off with their body wash and shampoo to get all of the oils off of your body. Let me just say that their shampoo and conditioner smells so good.  When I was blowdrying my hair another woman came in and told her friend that the best part was the smell of the shampoo.

Once showered you put in ear plus and rub vaseline anywhere you shaved or if you have any little cuts anywhere.  This is so the salt water doesn’t irritate those areas and make them sting.  Then you climb in, shut the pod, lay down and float.  You can choose to have the lights on or not but they recommend you floating in the dark.


Once I got into the pod and laid down I immediately felt my legs stinging and realized I forgot to put on the vaseline. So my naked butt (you can float with a suit on but they said they recommend nude, so…I went for it), jumped out of the pod and rinsed off again  in the shower and put on vaseline. Oh, and I put in my earplugs because I forgot those too.

Round two into the pod I finally got in and tried to relax.  This was the hardest part for me because my mind is constantly running 24/7.  I quickly remembered in the video that we needed to count our breathing.  One in, one out was 1. We were supposed to count to 300. As I was counting I noticed that my nose was itching and suddenly it was the only thing I could think of.  I didn’t want to scratch with my hand because they are covered in salt water and I didn’t want to get it in my eyes so I opened up my eyes and it was completely dark and I couldn’t hear a thing. I kinda panicked a bit and started looking for the buttons on the side of me to turn on the lights so I could find the water bottle and towel that is in their with you so you can wipe your face off. Finally calmed down, found the lights and got the itch under control.

Back to counting…

After a little while of counting I started singing songs in my head from The Greatest Showman and wondering what my girls were doing and if Myron as liking his float.  I had to reel it back in and start counting again.  Then the weirdest thing happened. I felt like I was asleep but not asleep and I most definitely did not feel like I was in water.  Next thing I knew the lights and music were turning on which was a cue that time was just about up and to start stretching and to get out and shower again.

I was completely surprised when the lights came on because I really felt like I was in there for about 15 minutes when in reality it was an hour.  I showered off, got dressed and met Myron out front where the staff offered us herbal tea or ice water and hooked us up on oxygen that smelled like lavender and citrus. I don’t know if the oxygen really did anything or not but it was fun to do.


Overall it was a really fun, unique experience. I was a little worried at first because I’m a little claustrophobic but I did just fine.  Myron also enjoyed his experience but had to keep his pod open a little bit because he needed cool air to come in. I would totally go back again to see if I can clear my mind faster and enjoy the float the way it’s meant to be experienced.  We were both completely relaxed afterwards like we feel after a massage so I call that a win.

Afterwards we went to sushi and talked about how different and cool it was.

If you want to give it a try they have been so nice and are offering my readers a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE FLOAT through the month of January. Call them direct at (801) 396-1064 and mention Kuuipo Vea. And if you go, tag me and let me know how it goes.

Thanks Kristopher and Sandy for a great experience.  Can’t wait to come back.


*I was provided a free float for review.  All opinions are my own.

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  1. Emily

    Interesting! I got claustrophobic during my brain MRI but this is so intriguing.

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