Chocolate Peanut Butter New Year’s Eve Cupcakes

Chocolate cupcakes topped with decadent chocolate ganache and creamy peanut butter frosting with make your tastebuds dance at your New Year’s Eve celebration.

New Year’s Eve.

When I was a little girl we would always go with my parents to a New Year’s Eve party because my dads band would be playing somewhere so we would go and crash the party and dance all night.  It was always a good time with my sisters and my cousins.

Last year we made it a weekend celebration with a staycation.  We went with our friends and their children and walked around downtown Salt Lake, had dinner, swam at the hotel and played games and laughed all night. Woke up the next morning, went to breakfast and later that night we rang in the New Year at home with them.  It was a great time and we made a lot of memories together.

This year. . .

We are still deciding what we want to do.

These cupcakes will make the cut though because they are so good and my girls had a great time helping to make them.  I started off with a cake box mix (don’t judge). I make lots great homemade cakes too but sometimes you need something quick, but don’t worry they have some delicious made from scratch frosting on them which is amazing.

Once your cupcakes are cooled you will dip the tops of them into some chocolate ganache.  Oh. Em. Geezy, so good.  If you have some strawberries or other fruit at home, dip those suckers in the leftovers.

Or just eat by the spoonful. Nobody needs to know. Besides, your fitness goals can start the next morning.

Once your ganache is set up on your cupcakes you can pipe on the peanut butter cream cheese frosting. Is your mouth watering yet?

Decorate with some festive gold and white sprinkles and top with half of an Oreo cookie decorated with writing gel to look like a clock and you are set for the New Year.  You and your guests will be so happy to have this delicious treat.

Be sure to save this recipe for later (because you can totally make it without the clock and sprinkles when you are in need of some chocolate peanut butter goodness).


I really hope you enjoy these and have a wonderful New Year’s Eve with your family and friends.  Comment down below and let me know what your plans are this year. Happy New Year from our family to yours. Enjoy!

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Chocolate Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache and Peanut butter
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Passive Time 45 minutes
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Passive Time 45 minutes
  1. Fill cupcake tin with liners and bake cupcakes according to instructions on box and let cool before frosting. While cupcakes are baking start on decorating Oreo cookies. Pull cookies apart and with black food coloring gel create numbers of a clock onto the frosted part of the cookie and set aside.
  1. Bring heavy cream to a simmer on the stove top, stirring occasionally. Just as soon as you see a simmer, remove from heat and poor over chocolate chips, swirling the bowl to make sure all chips are covered.
  2. Place lid on chocolate chips to trap the heat and let sit (no mixing) for 5 minutes. Remove lid and mix the chocolate chips with a whisk starting in the center and working outward until smooth. It will slowly start to turn into ganache.
  3. Once it is smooth, let it sit uncovered at room temperature for about 15 minutes. Once cooled dip cupcakes into the ganache and let sit for a few minutes to harden up before frosting cupcakes.
  1. In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, beat together butter, peanut butter, and cream cheese on medium speed until smooth and creamy, 2-3 minutes. Add powdered sugar and beat until smooth. Beat in vanilla and salt until smooth and fluffy. Add more sugar as necessary until desired consistency (thick enough to pipe). Frost ganache topped cupcakes once they’ve cooled and decorate with sprinkles and Oreo clock.
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