Sweet 16 Party-Part 2

Sweet 16 Party-Part 2

Sweet 16 party for our oldest daughter Kalena

Turning 16 is so much fun and I totally remember my Sweet 16 party when I was her age.  We had a luau in our backyard and I got to invite whoever I wanted. We had so much fun and last summer when we were at our 20 year high school reunion I had old classmates tell me how they remembered coming to my birthday and graduation parties.

We started off the party planing with a photoshoot and invitations by Sodapop Photos.  You can read more and see some of the beautiful images on my part 1 post.

We knew that we would be having a birthday party for Kalena, because we love parties.  She decided that she wanted a dance with her family and friends. We ended up having it at Thanksgiving Point Golf Course in their clubhouse great room because we have had several family functions there over the years and just love it.  The size of it is perfect and the staff there is wonderful.  We are so grateful to Mark and all he does for our family, they sure do take care of us when we have events. It is also a beautiful course to have your tournaments at. We have had several there as well and just love it.

When you first walk upstairs to the great room there is a foyer area. This is where we set up the Photo Booth from Votobox Rentals.  They are an amazing husband/wife team who have the coolest open booth concept.  They were amazing to work with and their photos that printed out were such a big hit.

They customized the photos and let us choose from a variety of templates.  Kalena chose to print the photo strip, the guests each took a copy home and Votobox printed one for her guest book as well.  It was so much fun!

The next day they sent us a link with the entire digital file so we could share them with guests.

This is a pic of me and my sisters with the birthday girl.  They are my go-to party planning crazy ladies because they always are down with whatever and are the best helpers ever. Most of the kids at the party were confused on which one of us was her mom because we were all on the mic that night announcing things and we were all running around.  I’m the mama, but in reality, she has three. How grateful I am for them and my mom.

So Votobox Rentals was a huge, huge hit.  They are here in Utah and I definitely recommend them for your party, wedding, event.  It was so much fun, they ended up taking over 400 photos that night in the two hours they were there. Be sure to visit their site and give them a follow on Instagram.  I love local business and this one in Utah is a great one.

Keep on reading because you don’t want to miss out on the rest of the party.  Also, down below you can enter to win an ultimate party package! Seriously, it’s so exciting.

But before we get to that I want to show you the rest of the party.

Kalena chose to do the party black, white and gold. We went with black and white striped linens for the round tables because our friend had them and let us use them, thank you Tessi. My cousin Tasha let me use her black linens for the food tables.

My sister Kassie had photos printed for the centerpieces and we cut them out and glued them to some foam board.  We attached balloons to them so it looked like she was holding the bouquet.  They turned out pretty cute.

We stood her up next to a mason jar that had been glittered gold and had a tea light in it and put that on a gold charger.  Simple and inexpensive because Kalena’s friend Reagann had her party just a few weeks before and let us use the jars and my friend Mandy let us use the chargers.

I ended up renting a helium tank from Zurcher’s party store because we had quite a bit of balloons to blow up and a tank was much easier to transport than a hundred balloons.  Our family has these two balloon stands to make balloon columns with so we blew up a bunch of balloons and created them.  We also had two more column stands that we borrowed from Reagann as well, but we were out of breath and time was running out so we ended up with two columns instead of four.

I found these Happy Birthday balloons and ordered them from WISH because they were super cheap.  The ones at Zurchers were like $8 each. I have never ordered balloons from there before, but was pleasantly surprised when they were actually good quality. We kinda got crazy with the helium and popped the B…Oh well, the party must go on.  I don’t think anyone noticed anyway.

In the back corner of the room we had a glitter eyes table set up.  My friend and neighbor Laura does Glitter Eyes during Halloween at Gardner Village and she was so nice to let us borrow her glitter so we could fancy up whoever wanted their eyes done.

Also throughout the party we had reminders that we had a Snapchat filter for the kids to use.  That was a lot of fun.  Thanks to my brother Ray and sister Kassie for creating that and figuring it all out.

You definitely cannot have a dance without music and we knew we couldn’t just hook up our phones and play our playlists.  So I contacted our favorite DJ for the music (never mind that he is my cousin, he is the best).  DJ Magic Mapu knows the best music out there and knows how to get your guests moving.  He knows how to read the crowd and asks before hand what type of music you enjoy so he can make it a memorable event.  If you need a DJ, you need him.  Message me for his info.

No party is complete without some food.  Here are some photos of our dessert table.  My friend Julie cut out the vinyl for me and we were painting the sign and putting on vinyl minutes before we left the house to head over to the venue. It was a last minute decision to do the sign.  We originally were planning on a dessert wall but my husband had been out of town every week and didn’t have any time to make it.  He flew in the night before the party, got some wood and put the sign together.  It actually turned out quite cute.  It is a 4’X4′ board so you can tell that the table at the venue was huge.

For desserts we ordered donuts from our favorite bakery-Dunford and I ordered way too many.  We planned on over 100 guests so I ordered 200 donuts.  The kids were so busy dancing that they didn’t even eat that many  They did however get to take a bunch home.

We also had mini pies that my mom made.  Let me just tell ya how amazing she is.  She had surgery on her hand the week before, had a cast on and made over 100 pies for the party. I sure do love her, she is the best Nanny to my girls.

We also had a signature drink.  We mixed a slushy drink in the Frazil machine.  It was mango cream topped with whipping cream and a cherry.  Sadly there is no photo of it because we were all too busy drinking and making them.  We ended up making 20 gallons of the stuff.

We also had a nacho bar that didn’t get photos of.  But it was chips, cheese, chili and toppings.  You can see it in the video that I’ll post below.

After all that food we still have to have a birthday cake.  The cake was made and designed by Whipped Bakery here in Salt Lake.  They are a team of sisters who are so creative and have a talent for making gorgeous, delicious cakes.  You need to contact them for any of your cake needs.  Just look how beautiful.

I also got the gold sequin table cloth at Wish.  However, it was not the size I was expecting.  I thought it said 120 inches and then I received it and looked again and it said 120CM. So be sure to read the fine print.

The backdrop came from Reagann as well and my Larissa spent an hour putting up the fans that I found at Zurcher’s .

I saw a cake topper that I wanted and my cute friend Hilary, aka the SugarCoated Housewife whipped one up for me on her cricket.

The detail that went into the cake and cupcakes was amazing.  We were completely stunned when they delivered them.  So pretty, everything just sparkled. The best part was that they tasted UH-MAZING!  So be sure to call them…and keep reading to see more photos and see the giveaway!

Happy Birthday Sweet Kalena.


Throughout the night the kids ate and drank and danced and danced the night away.  They literally danced for four hours non-stop. There was a moment there when my sister Kamie said “I feel so old.  They have not stopped dancing for hours. I have to stop and take a break after one dance.” We laughed and laughed that we are now the old folks of the party.

There were over 100 kiddos there and they had a blast. When we noticed that they were getting a little bored or tired we would have them take a break and play a game.  They had dance offs, played some fun games and won some fun prizes which included some of Kalena’s favorite things.  Favorite drink, candy and gift cards to her favorite places.

Overall it was a fun night for all.  I hope that the kids made some long lasting memories that night, I know that we did.

May all your wishes come true.

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Check out a little video from the party. We were all having such a good time and so busy that we didn’t even take any photos or video so this is a little compilation of videos from my sister-in-law Trish.

And now for the really fun part and what you have been waiting for.  I have teamed up with some awesome vendors so you can throw yourself an unforgettable party.  If you live in the State of Utah (Salt Lake, Utah, Davis Counties) you can win an ultimate party package that will include a 2 hour event package from Votobox Rentals, a 2 tiered 6″inch 8″ cake and 24 cupcakes from Whipped Bakery and a family photo session (up to 6 people) with edited custom images from Kassie (Sodapop Photos) and I will be throwing in a $25 Amazon gift card, a Chatbook with all of your family session photos from Sodapop, and you can win it all. Prize package worth over $850. So get on over to these sites and start entering.

How to enter:
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LIKE the giveaway post and tag your friends. The more you tag, the more entries you get.
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Contest will run util 12/10. Winner will be announced 12/12.
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Good luck!


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