You Are Not Alone

Have you ever wondered where God is in your life?

Don’t worry, you are not alone.  As a wife, mom, sister it is easy to get into a daily rut.  Believe me, I know. Sometimes it feels like I am doing the same thing over and over each day.  Then I feel bad sometimes wishing and wanting to do more with my life, to really make a difference. I wonder if I am doing enough for His spirit to even want to be around me. I then start to get discouraged and wonder if my Heavenly Father even cares for me. Does He know that I need help?  Does He know that I am struggling? Did He even hear my prayers?

It is so easy for our minds to go to these thoughts, after all we are only human.  I know that I have to re-evaluate my thinking when my thoughts start turning the other way and remember that God will never leave us.  He promises that He will always be with us. We just need to recognize Him in all that we do.  Here are a few things I do to re-focus myself when things get chaotic in my day-to-day life or during a struggle.

Talk to Him

What a difference it makes when I really make an effort to talk to my Heavenly Father.  He, just like my earthly dad wants to hear from me; how I am doing, what I am feeling.  When I really pray to Him and open up my soul is when I can really feel His spirit letting me know that He is listening.


Taking the time to see my family, and friends who are family quickly shows me that God loves me, that I really am not alone.  One of my favorite passages from says “Sometimes words don’t suffice to express deep feelings of love. Often a wordless hug among loved ones is best when experiencing some of life’s most powerful milestones: births, marriages, long-awaited reunions, serious illnesses, and deaths. These are moments when language often fails us, when our innate ability to embody and express God’s love is the only appropriate response.”


Exactly one year ago yesterday my mother-in-law passed away.  During that time we were surrounded with love and service from family, friends, neighbors and strangers.  It was then when we felt the love of our Heavenly Father, through their service.  They reminded us that we were not alone during a difficult time, that they were really mourning with those who mourn.(Mosiah 18:9)

I know that when serving others and being served by others I can feel the presence of God in my life.  I have never left after helping someone out and saying to myself “well, that was a waste of my time”. When following the example of our Savior Jesus Christ we can really take advantage of service opportunities.  When doing so we can make new friends, renew old relationships and strengthen our own with God. The Savior is the best example of service. Even though He came to earth as the Son of God, He humbly served all those around Him. He declared, “I am among you as he that serveth” (Luke 22:27)

Little Things

When it comes down to it, taking time to recognize the little things in my life that I am blessed with helps me to see that I am not alone. When I do this I am quickly reminded that Heavenly Father DOES love me, that He does answer my prayers, that He does know my struggles and cares how I am feeling.

I know that Heavenly Father loves us and blesses us daily. If we are observant, we can see evidence of His power and influence in our lives and in the world around us. Though we may not see Him personally, recognizing His hand in all things can strengthen our testimony that He lives and that we are NEVER alone.

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