SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium

Seaquest Interactive Aquarium in Layton, Utah is a place for families to explore and enjoy.  Get up-close and personal as you feed and interact with over 300 species and 1,500 animals from every corner of the globe.

We had the opportunity to visit Seaquest Interactive Aquarium and we cannot wait to go back.  My husband was at work and my oldest had classes at school she couldn’t miss (darn AP), so I took the other four with me for a fun day.  This was our first time there and when I saw it was actually in the mall, I was kinda wondering if it was just going to be a couple of tanks and that was it. Boy was I surprised! The space is large and beautiful and filled with so many things to see.  We ended up staying for almost 3 hours and when we went, it wasn’t even a busy morning.

When you first enter you will see that you are in the main entrance/gift shop.  Everywhere you look there are fun things to purchase, it took us a minute to even get to the desk to check in because the girls wanted to look at all the mermaid things.  One of the favorite items to buy were these cute fishy brushes, Maliana couldn’t stop touching them.

One of the first things the girls wanted to go into was the iguana exhibit. Don’t ask me why because I have no idea.  I know I wouldn’t have chosen that one first, or at all.  They however loved it.  There were 25 of them walking around and I was a little freaked out to be honest. Luckily they mind their own business, but you can bet your bottom dollar I was scanning the room to make sure they wouldn’t climb on me. I was also glad they weren’t snakes.

Speaking of snakes.

They have those too.  They are behind glass, but there are also employees who walk around with them so you can get up close and personal.

One of the next things we did was visit the birthday party room.  Don’t worry, we washed our hands before getting some treats.  There are sinks and hand sanitizer stations all over the aquarium so you don’t have to worry.

The birthday room is really nice and SeaQuest is a great place to have a birthday party, you can find more information about booking your event here. They also offer cool things like babysitting, snorkeling with the sting ray, corporate events and more.

One of our most favorite parts of the day was when we tried the fish pedicure.  My mom and sister tried it once when they were on vacation in Greece so I was a little excited when I heard that we could do the same thing.  I was a little hesitant at first because, well it’s fish nibbling on your feet.  But once I tried it, it was actually pretty cool.  It felt like tiny bubbles popping on your feet.  We all had a great time doing this.

This was a pretty fun experience that you have to try on your visit.

I was really impressed with the aquariums and set up of this place.  It is so kid friendly and they really maximize the space so you feel like it is bigger than it is.

They also have a bird exhibit where you can hold and feed the birds.  We laughed and laughed the entire time we were in there.  I’ll have to see if my husband will go in there the next time we visit, because he hates birds…

It does cost extra to feed the animals.  You can purchase tokens there so you can experience the fun as well.

And guess what?  They have mermaids.  This was super cute time with her.

Our most favorite part was feeding the sting ray.  They are just so magical and beautiful and to get so close to them was just so neat.  We spent most of our coins on food for them.

Another thing you can do is swim with them.  You can book your snorkel session here.




As you can see, we had a great day with each other exploring and learning about all of the wonderful animals.  We cannot wait to go back with big sister and dad.  When we do we will be sure to share even more of what they have to offer and will also be offering a discount or giveaway, so stay tuned.

So make sure if you’re in Utah, to stop on by it is a wonderful place to take the family or to go to on date night. They are also opening one for you Texas and Las Vegas folks!



*I received a complimentary family pass to review the aquarium.  All opinions are my own.

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