Beauty and the Beast Review and FREE activity sheets.

We had the chance to go and see Beauty and the Beast the other day.  It was my oldest daughters first golf tournament with her school that day so we were running late to the movie theater because we were at the golf course. Once we arrived to the theater we immediately got sucked into buying the Beauty and the Beast popcorn bucket (which is way smaller) for $12.00 and got a few drinks and spent $30.  The mark-up on concession items is ridiculous.   But whatevs right?  We’re making memories here.

Once we got into the theater we thought that our tickets were assigned seats but were wrong and there were no rows up above that had 7 seats together.  So we sat in the front row.  A local radio station was there that night sponsoring the movie and they had their photographer there and were giving out red roses.  My girls quickly got into line and got their photo taken, which ended up like this.  I think it’s hilarious.

After the photos were taken and the lights went down, SPLASH goes one of the large $5.00 drinks all over the floor.  Good thing we were in the front row so it wasn’t spilled under someone the entire night.  Myron ran out front and grabbed a refill on the drink and told the employees that there was a spill.  They sent someone in with a mop and although she tried her best to clean it up, she pretty much just spread it out everywhere.

Anyway, the rest of the night went ok.  The movie was good.  I say good because I didn’t love it.  Which surprised me because this is probably my all-time favorite Disney princess and movie. My girls on the other hand really enjoyed it, my husband…well, he liked what he saw but missed the last 15 minutes because Maliana decided she wanted to play. The cast was great and the effects and costumes were wonderful, but I had a hard time not seeing Emma Watson as someone besides Hermonie Granger. She did a wonderful job though and I absolutely loved Luke Evans as Gaston.

I have had a lot of messages about the same sex scene in the movie that everyone has heard about. DISCLOSURE:  I am going to spoil this section here so if you don’t want to know what happens, then skip to the next paragraph!   The scene is literally 1.2 seconds of LeFou dancing with another male at the very end.  There is also another scene when the village is fighting the castle and the wardrobe starts fighting with 3 men and dresses them up as women.  Two of them scream and run away and the third one just turns to the camera and smiles, showing he loves it and walks away fiercely.

Overall the movie was well made and I know it will be magical for some people, especially those who didn’t grow up with the first animated one. But for me, I’ll stick with the original.

I also wanted to share with you a clip of Emma Watson (“Belle”) and Dan Stevens (“The Beast”) singing the classic song “Something There” in the film:

I have also included these activity sheets for you to print.  Just right click and save to your computer and print from home.

Hope you enjoy them and the movie.

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