Play and Learn with Eveleen Joy Toys

Eveleen Joy sells wooden toys, educational toys and STEM toys. They believe that children can LEARN while playing, LAUGH while learning, and LOVE the life and world we live in. 

You may or may not know that I homeschool my daughters.  This is our second year of homeschool and I have three of the girls at home with me, my other two attend the public junior high.  One thing that I try to incorporate into our daily learning is play.  It is so important for children to learn as they play.  Sometimes they don’t even realize they are learning until after we talk about what they just did.  That is when magic happens and they realize that learning is FUN!

Yesterday we were learning about how crystals form and I immediately thought to grab our new toys from Eveleen Joy so they could create their own molecule patterns.

We have their 64 pcs SmartRod Magnetic Discovery. My girls LOVE it.  They have created so many different designs and have spent a lot of time trying to figure out new ways to engineer structures.  I love it because they are using their imagination, building their logical thinking skills and having fun with each other.  I also love them because they come in an easy to store case.

You most definitely have to check out Eveleen Joy Toys, they are a Utah company and when I met the owner she was so fun and energetic and just so excited about their products.  It is hard to find educational, well made toys here in Utah, especially STEM toys, but she has them and they are wonderful and will last for years to come.  Be sure to visit their site and take advantage of this discount for 10% off your purchase using code SOCIAL10 you can also get FREE SHIPPING for orders over $50.

Eveleen Joy also has wooden toys which are great as well.  I love the wooden toys because they are so durable.  My youngest loves her wooden geometric sorter.  It helps her with her motor skills, and she is learning shapes and colors.  I absolutely love this age when they are able to explore and learn.

She loved to repeat the names of the colors and shapes as she found where they belonged.


I love this little picture of her with there mis matched socks.  Just another day at home.

If you have little ones at your house or in your family, be sure to check out all of the great toys they have to offer, they are great!

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