Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Creamy mashed potatoes with butter, garlic, sour cream and cream take this comfort food to the next level.

I love mashed potatoes.  They really are the ultimate comfort food and probably one of my favorite foods. There is just something about a big hot bowl of mashed potatoes that says “eat me now” and I cannot resist.  I especially can’t resist when topped with a delicious gravy.

This recipe for potatoes doesn’t need gravy, but you are more than welcome to smother them in it if you want.  But really, there is no need.  They are full of flavor and full of DELICIOUSNESS all on their own!

I love potatoes because they are an inexpensive but delicious way to feed your family.  They are so easy to make without a lot of prep work.

Peel and cut up your potatoes into large pieces and throw into a bubbling pot of hot water. Simmer your potatoes for about 10-15  minutes,just know that it’s better to overcook the potatoes than undercook them so they will mix easily without hard pockets.  Drain your potatoes thoroughly to achieve maximum fluffiness then add potatoes to your mixing bowl.

I mix my potatoes with my kitchenaid, you can also use your hand mixer.  I find that by mixing them, you get super fluffy, smooth potatoes.  Melt your butter and slowly add to the potatoes while mixing. Toss in your garlic and sour cream and mix thoroughly.  You will then add in your cream until you reach your desired consistency, add your salt and pepper to taste and that is it. If you want a fluffy potato, don’t over mix.  If you mix longer they will be a little more dense, but still tasty.  It really is up to you on how you like the texture.

So easy, so creamy, so delicious.

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Garlic Mashed Potatoes
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