Teen Girl Gift Ideas

I have five daughters who range in ages from 15 down to age 2.  The older girls are getting a little harder to shop for when it comes to Christmas and birthdays.  I don’t know why it is harder because all they really like are clothes and makeup and stuff like that, but then again I know they still like some fun things.  I was browsing on Amazon today and saw some fun ideas for teen girls, I know my girls would enjoy these items.  Feel free to click on the photo to take you to the site.  These are affiliate links so I may be paid a commission for any of your purchases.  Thanks!

Beats Headphones are an awesome gift.  I am not even a teen and they are on my list.  These gold ones will make any teen girl swoon.
If you are on a tighter budget, I found these ones that have some good reviews.

Last year my daughter Kalena got one of these cameras and she has loved it.  The white with the leather case make a darling combination.

Don’t forget the film.

A teen girl most definitely needs a cute place to store her makeup and things.  This gold box is a perfect gift! I remember having a purple Caboodle when I was a teenager.  This is like a fancy one.

These wet brushes are a lifesaver.  We have two of them and will hunt them down if we can’t find them because they work so well.

My girls LOVE Harry Potter.  If your teen/tween does as well, there is a great deal on the box set of books.  Ours have been read so many times that I am thinking we need a new set that isn’t falling apart from being loved so much.

Another thing is that teens still love to color.  The coloring books for older kids/adults are so nice to have when they want to color as well.  This Harry Potter one is one of our favorites..

Just click on the photos and it will take you to the link to purchase.  I know there are so many fun things out there for teen girls, but these were a couple that caught my eye today.  What fun things are you searching for this year for your teen girl?


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