My husband and I were talking the other day about how certain events impact your life. It’s interesting how some moments/memories can seem so vivid, and then there are others you can hardly remember.  For us, the memories that are more vivid were when either something wonderful or terrible happened.  For example, it seems like almost everyone we have ever talked to about where they were on 9/11 can vividly remember that day.  I know I do.

I can recall moments in my life when there was good– the day we were engaged, the day we were married, when I gave birth to my babies.  All big events.  That makes sense to me.  I also remember times when I was happy or sad for others, when I celebrated with them in their successes and cried with them when things went wrong.  Those are times in my life that I cherish and love and am happy to remember, those times brought me closer to friends and family.  Something else we both remembered were times when we have been able to serve others and especially times when others have served us. These memories and moments of service have left deep impressions on our hearts.

My mother-in-law just recently passed away this summer and it was a whirlwind of emotions.  We were missing her, trying to grieve and were faced with planning a funeral and all of that stuff that you don’t want to do.  Sadly we have been to many funerals, but this was one of the BIG ones for us, laying our Mother/Grandma to rest was very hard on all of our family.

We did however make it through a week because family, friends and neighbors rallied around us in our time of need. They didn’t have to do this for us but they did because they cared and it didn’t go unnoticed.  During this time we strongly felt their love and especially the love of our Savior Jesus Christ.  Because of their service our burdens were made lighter.

Service to others is the best gift we can give.  Christmas is right around the corner and there will be so many opportunities to serve others in our family and community.  Mormon.org has challenged us to follow His example of service so we can #LIGHTtheWORLD this Christmas season.  Check out this video to learn more.

Isn’t that awesome?  Each day leading up to Christmas there will be 25 days of serving others. We want you to join us this Christmas season.  Mormon.org has identified a different Christl-like behavior and provides suggestions on what we can do to follow His example.  There will be a new video up everyday that will help to encourage and inspire us to #LIGHTtheWORLD in our own way.  When you do, share your personal stories and photos using hashtag #LIGHTtheWORLD.

Starting December 1st there will be a WORLDWIDE day of service.  What can you and your family do to #LIGHTtheWORLD?


Let’s take this challenge and #LIGHTtheWORLD together, one day at a time.





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