FREE Pie Printable

Free pie printable for your Thanksgiving Pie’s. 

I love pie boxes.  I think they are so pretty.  Especially when they have a window and you can see what is inside.  Wood boxes are so cute, but come on now, who has time to make wood boxes, especially for the holidays.  I make a ton of pies for the holidays, usually enough so that whoever is at dinner can take a full pie home.  This year I grabbed some boxes from Gygi’s here in Salt Lake (these ones are cake boxes, but they work great and are inexpensive).  Gygi’s is one of my favorite stores and I always wish I could buy everything while I am there.


You can also find them on Amazon.

A pie box is a great way to transport your pies if you are taking them to dinner or to give to your guests as a take home (because we all know Thanksgiving leftovers are the best). You can even make some extra pie to give your neighbor or friend a gift.  I would say it is much nicer than having plastic wrap or foil over your beautiful pie.


Purchase your boxes, print off these tags and punch them with a hole punch and wrap box with twine or ribbon. I chose a vintage cutlery set on these tags because they reminded me of my grandmas set that she would use when we went to her house for Thanksgiving.  My mom has the set now and we still use them.  It’s the little traditions that make holidays special.  Add a pie box to your holiday tradition this year.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving and the Free Printable.


Click here to get your pie tag printable and let me know in the comments what your favorite pie is?


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