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Samoan Panikeke

The ultimate mix of pancake and donut. A traditional delicious Samoan round pancake.   There are so many different types of breakfast foods out there and I am sure you have your favorites.  But have you had panikeke?  (pronounced pah-nee-kay-kay or pawn-kay-kay). This is a traditional Samoan round pancake and […]

Breads, Breakfast

German Pancakes

German pancakes are a classic breakfast your whole family will love.  They take just a few minutes to prepare and only have five ingredients-most likely you will have all of them in your pantry. These are one of my all time favorite breakfast foods.  German pancakes!  You might know them […]

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Banana Chocolate Muffins

Delicious banana muffins filled with your favorite chocolate. Perfect for breakfast or a snack. These are probably one of my favorite muffins to make.  They are so simple, can be made in one bowl, and are just so delicious. I always use over ripped bananas.  Make sure they are soft […]

Breads, Breakfast

French Toast

Easy, delicious, comforting breakfast.  You can’t go wrong with a classic French Toast. Our house has a bunch of breakfast lovers and good ‘ol French toast is such a classic and one we never get tired of.    

Breads, Breakfast

Popovers with Cranberry Butter

Popovers with Cranberry Butter.  They are perfect and delicious, made with homemade cranberry butter.  Serve them right out of the oven and enjoy the light, buttery, delicious-ness. We have been making popovers at this house for as long as I can remember.  Growing up I remember my mom making these […]